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Racking Solutions

We offer a wide range of racking solutions with appropriate warehouse safety and control systems that form the perfect combination with your material handling equipment: conventional racking, high-density pallet racking for maximising your storage space, or non-palletised racking to suit your particular business. Choose the right racking for your warehouse!

Conventional racking: adjustable solution for everyday use

Standard pallet racking in warehouse

Standard pallet racking

  • For palletised goods  
  • Flexible and customisable to your needs  
  • Minimal initial investment

High-density pallet racking: to maximise your storage space

Drive-in pallet racking in warehouse

Drive-in pallet racking

  • Ideal for homogenous products  
  • FILO & FIFO options  
  • Low initial investment

Gravity flow pallet racking

Gravity flow pallet racking

  • Perfect when handling large quantities of uniform goods
  • With sloped roller track sections, using gravity for the pallets to move
  • FIFO-based storage

Push-back pallet racking

Push-back pallet racking

  • Fit for storing homogenous products  
  • Pallets are pushed backwards by the next one coming in  
  • FILO-based storage

Aisle-free pallet racking with BT Radioshuttle

Aisle-free pallet racking with BT Radioshuttle

  • Semi-automated load carrier in combination with manual pallet handling, both controlled by one driver  
  • Ideal for storing homogenous products, with no depth limitation  
  • FILO / FIFO options

Mobile pallet racking

Mobile pallet racking

  • Perfect for temperature-controlled storage with medium or low-level rotation  
  • Increases storage capacity by 80-120%  
  • With security system to guarantee safety​​​​​​​

Non-palletised racking: to store small to big items

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking

  • Ideal for storing oversized irregular items and long loads  
  • Single or double-sided versions available  
  • Light, medium and heavy-duty options available

Light shelving in warehouse

Light shelving

  • Universal shelving solution for small items
  • Flexible and easily adjustable storage  
  • Up to 200 kg capacity per shelf

Heavy-duty shelving in warehouse

Heavy-duty shelving

  • Optimal shelving solution for medium  to heavy loads  
  • Multi-functional: for manual picking and pallets storage  
  • Up to 950 kg capacity per level

Live storage racking in warehouse

Live storage for picking

  • Suitable for consumer goods businesses and assembly chains  
  • With inclined platforms with wheels and rollers  
  • FIFO picking solution

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