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Reach trucks with unique tilting cab

The BT Reflex E-series with unique tilting cab for ultimate driver comfort.

Reach trucks

Reach trucks from Toyota are best in class with exceptional residual capacities and excellent ergonomics. All BT Reflex models are easily programmable and equipped with unique safety features, offering outstanding productivity while working at height.

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Suitable for highly intensive operations, the BT Reflex RRE160 provides shock-free lifting and lowering, even at maximum speeds, to prevent load damage. A low step-in height, adjustable seat, and excellent all-round visibility improve driver ergonomics and ensure safety in operation.

  • Best suited to applications involving high lifting with heavy loads
  • High amount of pallet movements
  • Perfect for multishift operation
  • Adjustable to any driver
Reflex reach truck being maneuvered in warehouse

Simply effective reach trucks

  • Easy to use
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Up to 8,5 m

The BT Reflex B-series are safe and simple in use. Designed for perfect load control, material handling happens smooth and precisely, leading to high efficiency levels in combination with high manoeuvrability. In terms of driver comfort, these reach trucks offer adjustable floor height, controls and seat, as well as fingertip levers control and a spacious cab. 

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Reflex reach trucks in large warehouse

High-performance reach trucks

  • Class-leading visibility
  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Up to 13 m

The BT Reflex R- series are designed to lift heavy loads to high heights, thanks to excellent stability and Transitional Lift Control, for fast and smooth lifting and lowering.  Engineered for performance at height, the open operator compartment, the transparent roof as well as the mast design offer excellent visibility of the load. Driver experience is further enhanced by the adjustability of the floor, seat and controls.

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Driver using tilting cab to see when lifting high

Reach trucks with tilting cab

  • Unique tilting cab
  • Available with lithium-ion
  • Up to 13 m

The BT Reflex E-series are designed similarly to the R-series with Transitional Lift Control to lift heavy loads fast and smoothly to high heights. Engineered for performance at height, the unique tilting cab and transparent roof as well as the mast design offer excellent visibility of the load. The unique E-series is also designed to reduce the risk of strain for the driver in repetitive high-level applications. 

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A Reflex reach truck with narrow chassi

Reach trucks for narrow spaces

  • Narrow chassis
  • Also compatible for cold store
  • Up to 8,5 m

Thanks to its narrow chassis, the BT Reflex N-series can easily work in narrow areas such as block stacking or drive-in racking. These reach trucks offer great operator comfort thanks to the 360° steering, adjustable seat and low step-in height. The electronic fork control guarantees smooth operation and precision. 

Multi-directional reach truck carrying long load

Multi-directional reach trucks

  • Multi-directional
  • Also for long loads
  • Up to 8 m

The multi-directional reach trucks from the BT Reflex F-series are equipped with clear-view masts and 360° steering.  Besides conventional pallets, the hydraulic fork spreader enables the handling of long loads such as steel beams and plastic pipes. The operator faces the forks to obtain the best view of long and unusual loads.

Large reflex reach truck on its way outdoors

Indoor & outdoor reach trucks

  • Also for outdoor use
  • Weather protection available
  • Up to 7,5 m

The BT Reflex O-series are fit for indoor as well as outdoor use thanks to the durable wheels and high ground clearance. For driver comfort, different weather protection options are available. 360° steering and advanced Transitional Lift Control improve smooth and productive material handling, for increased safety. 

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