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Our vision for the future

Our Logiconomi approach

Apply lean thinking to logistics

  • Working with our stakeholders on latest trends
  • Give answers
  • Inspire for the future

Our Logiconomi-thinking leads us to ask questions and find the right answers – to work with customers and other forward-thinking businesses to identify future needs and develop products and services that meet those requirements.

Smart trucks

Make your trucks smart with our award-winning I_Site

  • Monitor performance of trucks and operators
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce costs

Our approach to making your material handling operations safer and more efficient. Toyota trucks are connected using Toyota I_Site technology, creating smart trucks that give you insights into managing your operations in the most efficient way.

This is how I_Site works >


Get started with simple automation

Automating your operation is now simple and cost-efficient thanks to the Autopilot TAE050, the new automated guided cart from Toyota Material Handling. This fork-free solution is easy to install as it follows the route of a magnetic strip on the ground and the commands from floor markers.

Want to know more about automated solutions? >

Automated trucks in factory

Move to fully automated solutions

Are you ready to take the next steps in partly or fully automating your warehouse?

We have successful track records in setting up solutions across Europe. You will always be able to rely on a strong local team with support from our team of experts in our Logistics Solutions Center in Gothenburg, at the heart of automation in Europe.

Sustainable solutions

Two men talking

What can Toyota do to help me?

  • Improve safety in my operations
  • Reduce my environmental impact
  • Choose the right energy solution for my business

Discover our sustainability approach >

Energy solutions

  • A wide range of lean electric and internal combustion engines
  • Li-Ion: the largest choice of energy-efficient truck on the market
  • Fuel cell: The future is now

Find out more about Li-Ion >

Integrated solutions

Order manager from Toyota

We created the order manager to serve as a integrated platform between your warehouse management system and your (automated) trucks. This software allows for a clear overview and planning of incoming orders for a fully optimised work flow.

Navigation solutions

To improve efficiency and safety, we can implement RFID technology in your warehouse that enables commands to be sent to your trucks. This is extremely useful in varying levels of automation, where information about the environment can be sent to the automated trucks. Navigation solutions are basically the communication between your warehouse and the truck, such as the indication of the end of the racking or location within the aisle.

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Automated solutions

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