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We are specialists in your industry

Our trucks and solutions are used in virtually every sector & environment. We strive to understand your individual needs, in order to always deliver quality, reliability, and an individual solution to fit your exact requirements.

A solution for each application

Traigo with high component protection

Anti-corrosive  for fisheries

  • Fisherman specifications
  • High component protection
  • High durability

We offer trucks with high component protection that withstand corrosion and can handle your tough environments. These models, such as the Traigo 48, are ideal for corrosive, wet and salty environments.

Automated trucks loading cheese

Food production

  • Hygienic
  • Easy to maintain
  • A wide range of inox trucks

For industries in which hygiene is a high priority, such as the food industry, we offer INOX trucks that can be cleaned easily. Additionally, our automated trucks make sure less employees are involved in the food process, to help you reach an even higher hygiene standard.

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Traigo 80 in front of a container

Beverage industry

  • Up to 5 tonnes at 600 mm load capacity
  • High drive and lift speed
  • Energy-efficient

For multi-pallet handling and handling heavy loads, we offer models with a long operating time, which makes them fit to handle beverages. These trucks, such as the Traigo 80, can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

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Woman packing goods on hand pallet truck

Printing & packaging

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Versatile

Equipped with a useful worktable, our Highlifter models can handle light loads. Additionally, our compact powered pallet trucks such as the LWE130 and HWE100 are also fit for printing applications thanks to their manoeuvrability.

Learn more about powered pallet trucks >

Truck being used in a cold store

Cold store

  • Wide range of products
  • Ideal for food production & retail environment
  • Up to -30°C

We offer a full range of products to work in chilled or frozen environments, which enables us to support customers in food production and retail. From hand pallet trucks, to very narrow aisle trucks, automated storage solutions and racking: with our wide range of products developed to work in cold stores, we are experts in these unique applications. We also offer heated cabins onto our trucks to work comfortably during longer working hours, and appropriate oil for environments below -10°C.

Truck driving outdoors

Explosion-protected trucks

  • ATEX-compliant
  • For almost all diesel and electric vehicles
  • To eliminate the risk of explosion

We offer a wide range of explosion-protected trucks in cooperation with our partner Pyroban. We do this by removing the source of ignition, while maintaining the original ergonomics and performance of your truck.

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